In 1839, the development of solar cells began with the French physicist Antoine Cesar Becquerel. Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic phenomenon when he experimented with a solid electrolyte electrode. He noticed that voltage was created when light hit the electrode. Below are the main events, with links to other milestones.

Charles Fritts: First Solar Cell. Charles Fritts built the first solar cell around 1883, using selenium-coated seams with a very thin layer of gold. The device had only a 1% efficiency.

Russell Ohl: The first silicon solar cells only had a conversion efficiency of less that one percent. Russell Ohl created the silicon cell in 1941. Gerald Pearson (efficient solar cells), Calvin Fuller, and Daryl Chapin In 1954, Gerald Pearson and Calvin Fuller, along with Daryl Chapin and Daryl Chapin from the United States, developed a silicon cell that was capable of converting six percent of direct sunlight power. They made the first panels. Bell Laboratories in New York announced that they were producing a protocol type solar battery. Bell funded the survey.Solar CellThe Photovoltaic Cell or Photoelectric Cell (Solar Cell) is a solid state electrical device that directly converts light into electricity via the photovoltaic Effect. Photons are small packets of light that transmit light energy. Electromagnetic fields store electrical energy, which can cause electrons to flow. Solar modules, which capture sunlight’s energy, are constructed from solar cells assemblies. Solar panels are created when multiple modules (such as those used in tracking systems mounted on poles) are combined.

Solar energy can be seen in the electrical power generated by solar panels. Photovoltaics includes the science and technology of using photovoltaic (light-producing) cells in practical applications. The cells are referred to as photovoltaic when they do not use sunlight. They are used for detecting electromagnetic radiation from light or any other near-visible field.


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