Are you more concerned about animals being living beings experiencing pain, suffering, happiness, and all the other human emotions? Or are you more concerned with them as food sources that we can choose to control? I think most of you grew to eat meat, drink dairy products, and wear woolen clothing. I also think that many of you don’t consider the environmental impact of consuming or using these products. Supporting the consumption and use of animal products can have a negative effect on the environment. Consuming animal products can also cause the death of thousands of animals each day.

Humans can’t make connections between what they eat and where it came from. Veganism is a lifestyle that avoids meat, fish or poultry and allows you to eat only vegetables. Vegans won’t eat any animal product. Vegans avoid leather, wool, and products that cause cruelty. Being vegan can help you stop cruelty and promote health. Vegans are often viewed as extreme because they eat whole foods, look after animals’ health and protect the environment. However, meat eaters who kill more animals than they can value and pollute the environment are considered normal. It may seem strange that veganism has any effect on the environment, but it is. The animal industry is a wasteful user of natural resources that pollutes the earth. For one pound, it takes 2,400gallons water. It takes only 25 gallons of water to make one pound worth of wheat. The 30% of the earth’s land area is used in raising animals. The animal-raising industry releases more greenhouse gases per year than the entire transport sector. It also causes water pollution and deforestation. estimates that switching from animal products to veganism will reduce the release of 1,533 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Many people don’t realize how much resources are needed to make animal products. For 1 lb of milk, it takes 1000 gallons ( Most of you didn’t realize how much this industry had an impact on the world. That’s because you don’t get it told to you as a kid. Because it’s common to eat animal products. You don’t know how much water it takes to make a hamburger. It reduces the availability of food resources for other countries by giving animals a lot of grain. Imagine if we stopped focusing on animal products and instead focused on whole plant-based foods. This would reduce the negative effects on the planet’s population. Being vegan will not only drastically reduce your environmental impact, but can also have an effect on your health. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), vegans have lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as a lower chance of getting diseases like cancer. Only humans can drink milk from other animals. You could also eat more vegetables and get more antioxidants. These antioxidants protect you from cancer and improve your health. It has been proven that eating vegan can reverse Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. People also have more energy when they eat vegan. Many celebrities and athletes have switched to a plant-based diet. Vegans have easy access to all the nutrients needed, and even though it may seem contrary, plants are full of protein. Your health can be improved by switching to veganism. You can save animals by going vegan. You would be happy to live a simple life and not have to pay someone to continue killing animals. It’s a difficult question to answer, but I invite you to ask yourself. It’s difficult for most people to hear the news that a dog has died. Some people are sad to hear about the death of a cow. These people continue to eat animal products, which cause thousands of animals each day to die. People love animals. However, many would claim to love them. How can you say that? Here’s a short overview about the cow’s daily life. The cow is born and immediately takes its mother’s milk. It’ll be either a male calf or a female calf. If it’s a female calf it will go to one of two locations. Either it will live with its mother and be raised in close, filthy conditions until it is slaughtered. It will most likely be sent to a dairy farm to be repeatedly injected and have many offspring. This will make it live in harsh conditions. This is the life of all animals that are involved in the animal products industry. Imagine living this way for just a few hours. Your habitat is small. A majority of chickens live in a small area. Only you are fed so that other people can buy your products. All children you may have had to be given up. You will be slaughtered eventually. Although compassion for animals and humans may not be the same, humans are still mammals. It is worth not eating a steak, milk, or egg. You wouldn’t be able to go vegan if I asked. It’s too time-consuming. It’s too costly? It’s too expensive. The earth would be overpopulated if cows were around? Are you a huge fan of cheese and bacon? All of these are common. It doesn’t take longer to be vegan. Although it takes more effort to be vegan, you can still make a difference. It is possible to go vegan without spending a lot of money. Meat can be quite expensive. When you consider it, produce, beans and lentils are the most expensive items at the grocery store. You can eat vegan food more affordably. The human body does not require meat and other animal products for survival. Vegans can live longer than vegans who eat animal product. Talking to your doctor about concerns regarding nutrient deficiencies can help you feel more confident and be of assistance. The industry’s products would not cause an increase in the number of animals on the planet. Hormone injections are used to inject animals with hormones. This allows them unnaturally to produce offspring, which is much more than if they were living normally. There are many other options available if you don’t love bacon or cheese. Veganism is growing in popularity. Technology and agricultural advancements have made it possible to use a nut-based or plant-based dairy product over those from animals. It’s not crazy to go vegan. It is not difficult. It’s easy to become vegan. There are so many foods that you could eat. Vegans are often thought of as insane and believe they can’t save the planet. All veganism does is give hope to the animals and our planet. It’s easy to become vegan, especially in our modern society. It is understandable that not all things work for everyone. I don’t expect you to change your diet overnight. I am asking you to think about your food and the impact it has on our planet, other living organisms, and your health. Once you understand the connections between food and origin, you will be able to make conscious decisions about your lifestyle.


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    Paul Wallace is a 44-year-old anthropology professor and blogger. He has been writing about anthropology and other topics for over a decade. He has also taught anthropology at the college level for over a decade.

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