Kuakata is a beautiful beach on the sea. Kuakata is South Asia’s only beach where you can see the sunset and sunrise standing. It’s an amazing way to watch the sun set in the ocean and see it disappearing.

Two “wells” were dug by the King Mong Rakhain community to provide sweet water. This well is called ‘Kuakata’. The Rakhain community later began to cultivate and settle the areas in Kalapara (Khepupara), Galachipa, Galachipa Rangabali, Taltoli and Galachipa.

The museum is located on the Kuakata Beri Dam’s left and facing the beach. Just a few meters further on, you will find “Firms and Farms”, which contains gourmet coconut gardens and a flower and fruit garden. Picnic spots are available at several locations in the garden. The 15km-long beach is also accessible after Picnic Spot inspection. The coconut gardens are located on the east shore of the beach. These beautiful tamarind gardens are also visible. The forests have been embellished with various tree species. Tourists can also enjoy a picnic at the tamarisk and coconut gardens, where they can indulge in unrivaled banquoise. You can see the sunrise from Kuakata by going to the tamarisk gardens. If you are lucky enough to be there at sunset, you’ll see many others like you. While sunset may seem better for some people, it is still a beautiful scene. The sea changes color as sunset approaches.

There are many chars in the vicinity of Quayakata. These chars can be seen by speedboat, trawler and engine-powered big boats. Tourists along the coast can take a sea cruising ship, trawler or speed boat tour. Tourists enjoyed the freedom and adventure of exploring the deep ocean, including the Fatar Chars, Sonar Chars, Katkas, Duckling Chars, Gangamati Lakes, and Sundarbans. Sea travelers can enjoy well-organized food arrangements.


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