Reasons Why Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

I went to zoo last week and was watching Rainforest Fights Back. The animal’s facial expressions and their behavior can tell you if they are happy. It was not apparent that the animals who were performing enjoyed their work. Their eyes looked dull and tired. The bird was almost falling on the audience as it flew between the two sides of the stage. Are animals being kept in zoos ethical? There are many reasons to support and oppose zoos. There are also many perspectives. But, in my view, animals should never be kept in any zoo. This belief is based on many reasons. First, animals do not have the right of being captured and bred. Why is it that humans are more powerful than animals? We all are living beings, so we all stand on the exact same level. Second, stress and pressure can be felt by animals. Animals live. They are not something to be admired. They shouldn’t be kept in tiny cages where people can only stare at them. KQED Education states that there have been studies showing that reintroduced animals suffer high mortality rates. They are not able to be seen in a small cage. It sounds great, but it is not the truth. Trainers can slap animals and punt them if they fail to do the trick right. This is barbaric. As if you were the animal. Imagine being hitten by humans because you did something wrong. How would it feel to live under fear and pressure? They provide shelter and food for animals. Zoos also educate visitors about animals. But, I doubt that zoos really educate people. PeTA research suggests that people spend less time at zoos than they get learning. It is much easier to spread various diseases among animals at zoos than those who visit them every day. Although zoos claim they are saving endangered species, they only care about how many people visit the animals. The ecosystem may be destroyed if a species is removed. Singapore zoo is home to many Bornean and other orangutans. National parks are a great way to save endangered animals. National parks still attract people, even though they do not have entertainment or shows.

It is unacceptable for animals to be kept in zoos. Zookeepers do not care enough for animals. They aren’t robots. They have feelings. This is why zoos need to start caring about them.


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