For years, the question has remained unanswered: Should zoos not be banned? “We don’t own Earth, but we are part of it.” It is our responsibility to share the planet with wildlife. -Steve Irwin Zoos restrict animals’ freedom and make them feel lonely and stressed. Zoos are harmful to all animals around the globe.

Zoos have very limited freedom for animals. Wild animals have miles of freedom and can roam freely for thousands of km. The animals in zoos are kept in tiny cages with concrete floors. Neil Strauss is a ghost writer, journalist, author and author. We wouldn’t know that we were not truly free if we didn’t try to get out of the cage. Animals who were removed from their natural habitats at an early age will never understand what true freedom feels like. This is not the environment that an animal would choose to live in. Habitats without grass, sand, plants or other vegetation on the floors, as well as insufficient space, are not the animal’s natural habitat. It is wrong to remove an animal from its home and place it in a small enclosure or gate. Robert Breault said, “The only creature in the world whose natural habitat it a zookeeper is the animal.” While some zoos can balance natural ecosystems to provide animals with adequate space, many zoos restrict their visitors’ access to artificial plants and grass. The animals can feel extremely stressed when there is so much going around.

Animals can feel lonely in their cages. This can lead to them becoming isolated and unable to form bonds with their peers. Zoos can be very busy and can cause stress to animals. They can also become bored. Sundaram Mani said that there is a prison within every zoo where the “tortured souls” are hidden with their broken spirits and empty eyes. This is a very sad and heartbreaking quote. It speaks of the horrible suffering that some animals endure in zoos. Animals can become anxious and stop eating or drinking. If they are not closely monitored, they will starve to death. Animals are too vulnerable to this kind of trauma. Zoos are cruel and should be closed.

These are all reasons why zoos need to be closed. Keepers of animals in zoos can become unsocialized and disoriented. A restricted freedom could have a devastating effect on any animal’s life. This issue is so serious and cruel for animals that it needs to be addressed. Jane Goodall once said, “The least thing I can do for others who cannot speak for their own.”


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